rugs dubai

Rugs Dubai

  • Rug is another area form of Carpet which is meant to give that luxurious and comfy feeling to your home or office and act as a style statement.
  • Rugs come in different forms and styles for e.g. Modern Rug, Oriental Rug, Customized Rugs Dubai, Persian Rugs Dubai, Carpet Rug and Handmade Rug etc.
  • Decorating your home gets easy with Rugs Dubai as they come in different colors. You can create a piece of art with Carpet Rugs.
  • Not to forget when you are looking at a Persian Rug you’re actually looking at a handmade form of art.
  • Just like Persian Rug you can also go for Persian Carpet. Rugs come in different carpet designs, patterns, colors and sizes.

Customized Rugs Dubai

  • We also supply Anti Fire/ Fire coated Rugs . We can Also make a Special Fire coating any Rug against Fire.
  • We serve clients all across dubai, sharjah, al ain, abu dhabi,Ajman, Um Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah.

At Dubai furniture you will find different varieties in rugs such as:

  1. Customized Rug
  2. Handmade Rug
  3. Modern Rug
  4. Oriental Rug
  5. Sisal Rugs
  6. Cow Hide Rugs
  7. Shaggy Rugs
  8. Patch Rugs