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Custom Made Receptions

We have years of experience working with designers, architects and clients. We therefore have the knowledge and expertise to help you create custom made reception desks that align to your identity as a business. Choose from curvilinear and straight choices, with or while not facet returns and a combination of counter height and table height areas we will provide anything you imagine. 

Reception Desks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs but we are giving you the freedom to design the welcoming reception reflective of your business brand as you want. Your reception is where clients get that first impression of what your company is all about. A first impression is often a lasting one, so make sure to leave the right impression with a reception desk. 

Your company logo and name can also be added to your custom made reception desk. Choosing to design your own custom made reception desk allows you to customize every last detail. Our experienced craftsmen and draftsmen are always there to help you out. Taking this route allows you to make something truly special and unique to your reception area.

We take pride in our skilled and experienced craftsmen who handle contemporary solid surface materials, combining a range of high quality materials to make you a custom made reception. We are a provider of solutions for everything to do with your office fit out.

Our custom-made reception desks can be made to your precise needs. If you’d prefer to give a picture of a reception desk that you simply like together with your measurements, we are going to life have our consultants work with you in providing a style to fit your needs and value inside your budget. Our Design Consultants can provide you with designs and plans at no charge to maximize and achieve cost effective use of your available space while incorporating the requirements of your office custom made reception. Color coordination of your custom made reception is just one aspect of our quality service. We aim to provide seamless additions to your offices working environment, supplying quality customized reception that meets and improves your existing décor.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Our custom-made reception desks can be made to your exact requirements. 
  2. We provide premium quality custom made reception to our customers.
  3. We offer unique and stylish designs to our customers to help them in creating their own.
  4. Offered material for reception is durable and lasts long if properly cared for.
  5. Low maintenance and easy to clean. 
  6. Affordable in price and we provide premium protection.
  7. We provide delivery service and installation at your said place.

We have helpful customer service representatives and experienced and skilled craftsmen to assist you in creating your ideal custom made reception in Dubai. As the furniture experts, we are here to help you easily develop dependable custom made reception desk that suits your needs and tastes, all at amazing and affordable prices.



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