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All of these fantastic purchases—a great find at the thrift store, an antique desk or armoire, or something you can’t live without from a garage sale—might be hiding pests. Even though buying used furniture can be enjoyable or cost-effective, there are a few things to watch out for to prevent bringing bugs into your home. Bedbugs or ticks may be present on any upholstered furniture, while termites may be present on wooden furniture. You can avoid acquiring or bringing home furniture that is home to termites, bedbugs, or other pests by spotting damage or pest indications.

Which Bugs Breed in Furniture?

  1. a bed bug
  2. Termites
  3. Carpet beetles, mites, and fleas

The three species of termites that are most prevalent in Southern California

furniture pest control

What Places in Furniture Do Pests Hide?

Any piece of furniture that has fabric or stuffing runs the risk of serving as a bug hideout. lampshades, curtained cabinet doors, or soft, cushioned couches. Pests can be hidden from view by using loose fabric as a couch or chair cover or to drape over furniture. Old rugs, photos with paper backings, and plush animals can all be places where bed bugs hide.

You can avoid hassles and frustration later on by inspecting furniture before you buy it, load it into your car, and transport it home.

To carefully examine your used household goods or furniture:

  1. Wearing white gloves can help you see any evidence of pest blood, corpses, or faeces that may have rubbed off on your hands as you inspect the furniture.
  2. By running your finger, a credit card, or a flat plastic spatula over folds, creases, and seams, you can inspect furniture or materials.
  3. To make any evidence of pests falling to the ground noticeable, place a white sheet of paper beneath the areas you are checking.
  4. examine hidden spaces or beneath furniture with a flashlight.
  5. Look for caved-in points, holes, or dents to check for termites in wood pieces.
  6. Push on wood to look for structural damage caused by termite tunnels or holes inside of it.

furniture pest control

How to Get Rid of Bugs in Used Furniture

  1. To prevent those bugs from invading your home, clean and treat any used furniture, lamps, or antiques for adult pests, larvae, or eggs. You run the danger of introducing pests to your existing furniture or the upholstery of your car if you bring items into your home or car that you believe may be housing pests.
  2. Fabric should be vacuumed at all seams, folds, and accessible areas.
  3. All pillowcases, cushions, and cushions that fit should be dried on high for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Place wood pieces on newspaper or butcher paper and treat the furniture with bug bombs or bug spray.
  5. Close off windows, doors, and ventilation while employing a bug bomb to keep the bomb limited to that space and its furnishings.

Use pest control to keep your house secure.

Bedbugs, fleas, and termites can significantly reduce your level of comfort in your house. Your family and pets will be protected from unwanted pests if you inspect and treat used furniture, antiques, and yard sale purchases. Contact a pest control expert if you see that your house is already displaying potential indicators of an infestation.



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