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Silk fabric for upholstery is a luxurious way to cover any piece of furniture whether it is couch, sofa, dining chairs or study chair. Silk fabric is popular due its appearance and touch, it feels soft and offer warm looks. In short, silk fabric has all the quality features that all luxury fabrics should have! 

Our collection of silk fabrics stands out from other upholstery fabrics, as it is made of natural fibers that helps to add a certain depth and definition to the shape of any furniture piece. You can also explore our silk fabric online range and choose the color of silk fabric for upholstery that goes best with your interior décor. We stock a wide variety of colors and you can also get it dyed to the color of your choice. Silk fabrics when dyed give a much deeper color than a similarly-dyed piece of flat-weave cotton or linen fabric. 

Our collection of silk fabric for upholstery will never disappoint you in terms of durability. It is strong and will last for years if taken care properly. Plus, the maintenance of silk fabric does not need any harsh chemical based detergents as it could be easily cleaned with lukewarm water. 

Silk fabric is an all-climate fabric, from providing warmth and coziness in winters to being comfortably cool when temperatures rises in summers, this fabric does it all with grace. Silk fabric for upholstery possess natural temperature-regulating feature that allow it this paradoxical ability to cool and warm simultaneously. To see the reviews, check out our silk fabrics online.

Through appearance silk fabric may seem delicate, but it is relatively robust and has a smooth surface that resists soil and odors. This feature also makes our collection of silk fabric hypoallergenic, as the fibers of silk do not foster dust mites that could result in skin conditions or respiratory problems.

Why Choose Us ?

If you would like to have a consultancy visit, you can reach out to our customer care representative and they will set you a meeting with our consultants. We will not only provide you with best upholstery services but the pickup charges are on us as well! Don’t forget to explore our silk fabrics online!

We are also proud to offer our clients the following services;

  1. Personalized orders, alterations and amendments– all services are provided at low cost. 
  2. We also move your furniture from one location to other at reasonable cost.
  3. We also help you with fabric cushions and matching curtains with your upholstery.
  4. We accept all kinds of single and bulk orders of silk fabrics.
  5. You can also shop for silk fabric online.
  6. Once you purchase silk fabric for upholstery from us, doorstep delivery and installation will be on us.
  7. Our quotation includes free sample checking and delivery at your address. 


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