Wall Cladding

     Wall Cladding 

Wall cladding is used for aesthetic purposes by applying one material over the wall. After the procedure of wall cladding, it looks like the wall is made up of some other material than its actual material. Dubaifurniture.co provides wall cladding that provides thermal insulation, improves the appearance of building and is weather resistant. Wall claddings can be made with different types of materials such as wood, aluminum and blends of cement. We also provide PVC wall cladding panels that are the best solution for interior claddings.  It is cost-effective, environment safe and has many mechanical benefits.

We provide both types of wall cladding; interior and exterior. The difference between both cladding is the amount of day-to-day weathering.



Interior wall cladding is the most popular and cost-effective way of creating brick effects. It is suitable for both commercial and domestic environments. It is a huge time saving method that also saves your money in comparison with traditional wall decorating techniques. 


Our wall cladding looks fresh even after years. We provide scratch and stain proof cladding for your walls that are also fully water resistant. These claddings are ideal for domestic use as they will last long.


Wall cladding adds an extra layer of warmth in the room where it is installed.  It is very useful to be installed in bathrooms, especially in cold weather. 



The basic purpose of exterior wall cladding is to provide protection to walls. It gives strength to structure and is resistant to walls from cracking and water absorption. 


Exterior wall cladding makes your building look aesthetically appealing and increases its market value. 

We provide the cladding that not only protects your walls but also fills the purpose of decorative and attractive elements. 

Why Choose Us?

Dubaifurniture.co provides a large number of categories of wall claddings for their customers. We have our own manufacturing unit which is run by highly experts and professional workers.   And leading the entire UAE through outstanding wall claddings. We are chosen because,

  1. The durability we provide in wall claddings is much higher than your expectation.
  2. We provide different beautiful colors in wall claddings to our customers. Light, dark and a combination of multi colors also make your wall elegant. All the color we utilize in our product is guaranteed to never be rough soon. 
  3. Wall claddings help to increase the beauty of your area. You can choose the color according to the interior.
  4. Wall claddings are budget friendly, and we provide them at competitive and flexible prices.
  5. Our wall claddings are easy to install. We proffer our customers doorstep services and installation.
  6. The maintenance of wall cladding is quite easier than others. For the internal cladding just use the dry cloth or broom to clean it.
  7. Our wall cladding when outside the building is the best source of absorbing heat which gives coolness inside.

Our services include free sample checking, free delivery and free installation at your address. Just make a quote



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