customized wardrobes

Why Wrap Your Wardrobe?

Everyone likes remodelling, and although wardrobes are known for taking a beating, upgrading them may be pricey. You can create a whole different style without such a significant investment if you have the ability to wrap your clothes.

You can use vinyl to exercise your imagination and maintain every area of your room current, not just when your wardrobes are beyond repair or you just want a new colour or finish. Vinyl has advanced significantly in recent years and provides a durable surface that won’t tear easily.

Advantages of vinyl wrapping for wardrobes

You will profit if you decide to have your fitted sliding wardrobe doors covered. The advantages of wardrobe wrapping are constant regardless of the motivation. Following are some of the primary advantages of vinyl wardrobe wrapping:customized wardrobes

  • Affordable – Vinyl wrapping is a more cost-effective option than replacing the wardrobes altogether.
  • Process is quick and simple, and it doesn’t take much time to complete vinyl wrapping. So, instead of having to wait weeks for delivery and installation as you would if you bought new, you may have wardrobes that appear brand new
  • One of the key advantages of vinyl wrapping is that it helps to preserve and protect the original door. The vinyl will take the brunt of those scratches and scrapes rather than the door itself.
  • Embrace A New Style – Vinyl wrapping enables you to alter your style and décor frequently if this is something you enjoy doing. There are numerous finishes to pick from, including wood, solid colours, and many others.

Compared to Replacing

The fact that vinyl wardrobe wrapping is less expensive than replacement is one of the main benefits. Fitted wardrobes cost far more than simply changing cushions because they are a piece of furniture, thus vinyl wrapping presents a more cost-effective alternative. By selecting vinyl wraps, you can get a brand-new appearance as well as financial savings.

customized wardrobes

Adding Wraps to Your Wardrobes

The wardrobe in your room is one of the most difficult items to modify, especially if it has been fitted. By wrapping, you can enjoy a wardrobe that appears brand new while safeguarding the original doors. Even after applying the vinyl, if you change your mind, you may pick a different finish and have the previous one taken off.

With our well-liked wardrobe wrap, transform your closets. By giving your closet a new look with our wardrobe vinyl wrap, you may improve its appearance while also reviving its potentially ominous atmosphere. The uses for all of our wrap vinyl are numerous. This encompasses anything you can think of that has smooth surfaces inside and outside of your closet, such as wardrobe door covering.

To fully transform the appearance of your current wardrobes, we provide a large selection of colours in a matt or gloss finish. Similar to our Kitchen Wrap, we offer Basic and Full wrapping for our wardrobe wraps. We just wrap the doors and frames of the wardrobes; the inside shelves and drawers are not covered by our wrapping.



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